Importance of Dental Implants by Smile Care & Implant Centre

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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants by Smile Care & Implant Centre

To replace the roots of missing teeth Implants are important. These implants normally used for support crowns, bridges or dentures. In your jawbone Implants are surgically placed. Most of the time than other methods of replacing missing teeth, such as dentures, implants feel more natural and secure.

There are many reasons it’s important to replace missing teeth:

  • To make you more self-confident having all of your teeth is necessary. You no need to worry that people might notice that you have missing teeth.
  • The area of the jawbone that held those teeth starts to dissolve when teeth are lost. Implants help to shape of your jaw and preserve the bone.
  • Tooth loss affects what foods you are able to eat and how well you chew. Some people have poor nutrition who have missing teeth and it can affect overall health.
  • Missing teeth can escort to changes in your speech. And it can affect your self-confidence.

Here are the several types of implants you can try, including:

  • Root form
  • Subperiosteal
  • Mini

root-form implantsThe most common type used today is the Root-form implants. This type of implant is made of titanium. It normally looks like a screw or small cylinder. A metal cylinder called an abutment eventually attached to your jawbone after an implant is placed. As a base for a crown, denture or bridge the abutment serves.

Osseointegration implantA process called Osseointegration is the key to the success of all implants. In this method, the bone in the jaw grows into and around the implant. As we say, Titanium is a very special material that the jawbone accepts as part of the body.

Which is the more ideal for your teeth, Implants vs. Alternatives?

Implants can be more expensive than the alternatives (denture or bridge), Depending on your particular problem. A basic implant plus a crown can be expensive. The fees will vary considerably and depend on many factors. But the best dentist in Guwahati performs this implant at a very reasonable price.

Than other types of restorations, the upfront cost for implants can be more. But for the long run, the investment can pay off. For every missing tooth, you may not need an implant. Your dentist can discuss how many implants you will need.

Other benefits of implants include:

  • Feel — they feel more like your natural teeth than dentures because implants are embedded in your bone.
  • Convenience — you do not have to worry about having your dentures slip or denture adhesives, click or fall out when you speak.
  • Nutrition — with implants you may be able to chew better. With Regular dentures, Chewing can be difficult, especially ones that don’t fit perfectly. A regular upper denture can reduce your sense of taste because it covers your palate.
  • Self-esteem- you will think less about implants because these are so much like your natural teeth. Your confidence and self-esteem will definitely be improved because you will not have to worry about people noticing that you have missing teeth or denture problems. Regular dentures also can affect your talking power and it can make you less self-assured when talking.

The mission of Smile Care & Implant Centre and the Prosthodontist in Guwahti

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